Wine allergies


There is a myth going around that wines with sulphites are the enemy. Fact is, all wine and all foods contain sulphites in some amounts. They are a naturally occurring substance that exists in foods and even in your body right now. When used properly they create the ability to stabilize wine for long periods of time. When a person comes to me and asks if there are sulphites in the wine because they have alergies to it the first thing I ask is, are you bothered by red or white more? Almost everyone says it is the red wines that affect them. The problem is, quality producers in British Columbia (which is 90% of them) use 25 parts per million in red wine and 50 parts per million in whites. That is because red wine needs less to stabilize due to the high concentration of tannins. The USDA allows up to 350 parts per million to be added to consumable products. If you are having issues with red wine and not white it is more likely a reaction to things like oak or resveratrol – a chemical in the grape skin that has many health benefits but can cause skin blotching or sneezing or it could be the tannins, but is almost certainly not sulphites. The other issue could be the lack of quality in the wine you are drinking. Wines from far away places that are cheap will often be “fortified” with high concentrations of preservatives – likely sulphites. So before you convict the dreaded sulphite take the time to determine whether it is sulphites or some other problem affecting you.




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